Capsule Filling Devices

At Phoenix Medical, we offer you the possibility and the means for you to create “patent” remedies by supplying you with the herbal granules, empty capsules, containers, labels, encapsulating devices, formula reference booklets and the necessary instructions and continuous support for you to assemble it all together.

Our capsule filling device allows you to produce customised remedies in the form of capsules, a convenient alternative to classical decoction. Capsules are often desirable for patients that do not favour the taste of traditional herbs or do not have the time to prepare the herbs traditionally.

We recommend the use of Phoenix Concentrated Herbal Granules with the capsule filling device for high quality and effective treatment. We also supply empty capsules in gelatin form and vegetarian capsules.

For instructions on how to use the Capsule Filling Device, please watch the following video tutorial below:

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