About Phoenix Medical

Although Phoenix Medical started off as a supplier of Chinese medicine products in 2011, the company has since evolved into a platform which works to advance natural medicine as a whole. We not only manufacture, source and supply the highest quality products, but we also invest a great deal into clinical research, development of new products and education. We hope that our work can help to make safe and effective natural medicine and therapies more accessible to individuals in need.

We not only manufacture and supply our Phoenix Medical branded acupuncture needles, but we also control the quality, product range, packaging and safety.

We have established a seamless farm-to-patient supply chain for our authentic dried herbs and concentrated herbal extract granules.

We operate an ATCM and RCHM approved herbal dispensary, providing herbalists a complete and bespoke solution.

We invest in clinical research at leading universities and research institutes to help advance traditional and natural medicine.

We connect practitioners with world renowned educators through our educational programmes and CPD courses.

We develop new products that are based on natural therapies to help practitioners provide better care to their clients.

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The force behind Phoenix Medical are a diverse team of individuals from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures, all working to help make traditional Eastern medicine more accessible.

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