Tuina & Moxa Massage Kit

Tuina & Moxa Massage Roller Kit

The Tuina Massage Roller features two moxa burning chambers and can be used to combine massage and moxibustion.

Includes: a copper tuina massage roller, two moxa burning chambers and 18 pre-cut moxa rolls.

Additional moxa rolls can be purchased - our moxa rolls (MM211) are compatible with this kit.

To use:

  • Apply essential oils to the skin before the treatment to enhance effectiveness.
  • Remove the top of the chamber, place the pre-cut rolls inside, light the moxa and fasten the top of the chamber. Repat this for both chambers.
  • Apply the roller to the desired area and allow the moxa to burn through the holes in the chamber whilst rolling it over the skin. 
  • Once the treatment is over, allow the remaining moxa to cool down before removing it and ensure the roller is clean for future use.  
More Information
Product Name Tuina & Moxa Massage Kit
Chinese Name 推拿艾灸按摩套装
Product Code CA248
Featured Product No
Expiry Date 2028-02-28 00:00:00

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Tuina & Moxa Massage Kit

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