Air Detoxifying Herb Bags - 10 x 28g per pack

Anti-viral herbal bags can be a safe and easy way to help detoxify the air in your home. The essential oils may evaporate and cleanse the air.

Air Detoxifying Herb Bags - 10 x 24g per pack

Following the popularity of our blog post about using herbs to detoxify the air in our homes, we have decided to make scented herb bags available to buy. We produce these in our in-house herbal dispensary using our authentic and unsulphured dried herbs and natural muslin cloth bags. 

This product is produced on demand so please be aware that dispatch of your order may be delayed.

Ingredients per bag

  • Ai Ye (Artemisia argyi) - 2g
  • Bai Zhi (Angelica dahurica) - 2g
  • Cang Zhu (Black Atractylodes/Rhizoma Atractylodis) – 2g
  • Chen Pi (Citrus reticulate Blanco) - 2g
  • Ding Xiang (Clove/Flos Caryophylli) – 2g
  • Ge Gen (Pueraria lobata) - 2g
  • Gui Zhi (Cinnamomum cassia) - 2g
  • Huo Xiang (Patchouli/Agastache rugosus) - 2g
  • Wu Zhu Yu (Fructus Evodiae) - 2g
  • Zhi Qiao (Citrus Aurantium) - 2g
  • Zi Su Ye (Perilla frutescens) - 2g
  • Fang Feng (Siler Root/Radix Saposhnikoviae) - 2g
Approx. 24g per muslin bag
10 herb bags per pack

How to use:

  1. Place the bags around your home.
  2. The fragrant essential oils will evaporate into the air. Sniffing a bag occasionally will allow you to inhale the essential oils and this may help to boost your immune system. As the Coronavirus affects the respiratory system, inhaling the bags for its anti-viral properties may help to ward off any potential infections.
  3. After 2 weeks, we recommend that you burn the bags in a steel pot away from flammable objects. As the herbs burn, they will release more essential oils into the air.
  4. Replace the bags with fresh ones every 2 weeks.
More Information
Product Name Air Detoxifying Herb Bags - 10 x 28g per pack
Chinese Name 空气净化草药袋(10种草药,每种28克/袋)
Product Size 300g/ Bag
Product Code HD02
Featured Product No
Expiry Date 2025-03-31 00:00:00

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Air Detoxifying Herb Bags - 10 x 28g per pack

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