Dang Gui - Angelica Root

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Angelica Root - Dang Gui 100g

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Angelica Sinensis Root or Dang Gui Root is sweet, pungent and bitter in taste, and warming in action. The root is traditionally used in Chinese herbal medicine, second to ginseng. It is commonly used to treat women's reproductive health issues, but it also recommended to help prevent and treat forms of cardiovascular disease. It nourishes the female essence, tonifies blood, helps form healthy new blood and improves blood circulation.

- May help women's reproductive health issues 
- Can assist to prevent and treat forms of cardiovascular disease 
- May help nourish the female essence 
- Can help to tonify/purify the blood, heart, lungs and kidneys 
- May improve blood circulation 
The Female Ginseng

Dang Gui is not estrogenic, but it has similar effects and has been proven to bind to estrogen receptors in women.  The herb can offer mild additions to the overall quantities of estrogen in the body, making it effective as natural hormone replacement.  The root can also be used for balancing out low levels of natural estrogen. It is used for hormonal problems, female infertility and menopausal problems - hence the name 'female ginseng'. Angelica Sinensis Root is beneficial for women as it can improve secretions of female hormones to make them more balanced. It may then help improve fertility and regulate the female reproductive cycle.  Also, a group of compounds present in Dang Gui can dilate blood vessels and control muscle spasms. This helps in regulation of menstrual flow.

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Product Name Dang Gui - Angelica Root
Chinese Name 当归
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