Bai He

Bai He (Lily Bulbs). Its scientific name is Bulbus Lilii. It is sweet in flavour and slightly cold in temperature. Fresh lily bulbs taste sweet and crisp. As per TCM definition it covers meridians of Lung and Heart. It moistens the Lung, it clears heat from the Heart and it tonifies and nourish the yin. It is often used for dry cough due to Lung dryness, and also for irritability in the aftermath of a febrile disease and insomnia.
Lilium brownii F.E.Brown var.viridulum Baker
Part Used: Bulb
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Product Name Bai He
Chinese Name 百合
Product Size 100g / Bottle
Product Code HSB050
Featured Product No
Expiry Date 2025-03-31 00:00:00

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Bai He

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