How do I place a prescription order?

1. Firstly, you will need to log in to the dispensary system.

2. Then click on the tab ‘Dispensary’.  Here you can choose either ‘Dried Herbs’ or ‘Concentrated Herbal Extracts’. For more information on both categories, please click here.

3. Once you have selected the type of prescription, you will come to a form. Work your way down the form and fill it in with clear instructions and information for the dispensary team and the patient. Once you have completed your formula, click ‘Confirm and finished’.

4. Select your preferred method of payment and pay for the prescription. Note that we will only process prescriptions once payment has been made.

5. Any order that has been placed and paid for before 12:00pm will be made and shipped out on the same day. (Some exclusions may apply). 

How long will it take for my prescription to be made and sent out? 

At Phoenix we aim to keep the quality and standard of products at a high level, therefore due to high demand of prescriptions, it is recommended that you submit your prescription to the dispensary early in the day to ensure that it is fulfilled.

Any orders received and paid by 12.00pm will be made and sent out for next day delivery (some exclusions may apply).

Note: Due to the extra time required to make dry herb, sachet and capsule prescriptions, we recommend that you send prescriptions to us as early as possible. Due to the high volume of prescriptions that we receive throughout the day, we cannot guarantee that these prescription types can be produced with short notice. Orders sent to us latest in the day may not be fulfilled if the dispensary is particularly busy and will be sent out the next working day; therefore we encourage practitioners to send in urgent orders earlier in the day to avoid any delay. 

What type of prescriptions do you make? 

Dried herbs:

Our dried herbs are authentic and grown with the DaoDi principle - grown and harvested at the right place, at the right time. Each batch is traceable to the source and Certficates of Analysis are provided which display test results of level of active ingredient, pesticide residue, heavy metals and microbiology. Any batch that does not comply with our strict guidelines is rejected. We ensure that each batch is the correct species and contains the correct level of the active ingredient, to guarantee safety, consistency and efficacy.

Our herbs are never sulphur treated. Sulphur is often used in the herbal medicine industry to improve appearance and shelf life, however this can greatly alter the chemical composition and cause adverse effects in patients. We are proud to supply a herbal product range which is 100% non-sulphur treated to ensure safe and effective treatment. 

We want patients to have the best and stress-free experience when taking dry herbs, therefore we go the extra length by packing the herbs in decoction bags, which will allow the patient to place a bag of herbs into a saucepan to boil without any mess. The decoction bags are non-woven, clean and do not alter the taste of the formula. Decoction bags are also available to buy in our wholesale shop.

Herbal Granules:

For the convenience of patients, we also provide herbal medicine in Concentrated Herbal Granules, which are 100% soluble in warm or hot water. This is a great alternative for patients with busy lifestyles whom do not wish to traditionally decoct herbs. All of our granules are traditionally decocted and then processed into granules using 'spray drying'. This method allows for a purer end product and higher concentrations.

For allergy concerns, please consult your practitioner. Our herbal granules do not contain any added gluten, however some herbs will naturally contain gluten such as Fu Xiao Mai (wheat), Mai Ya (malt), Shen Qu (fermented wheat). Please ensure you clarify any allergies or intolerances with your practitioner before taking herbal medicine.

Granulated herb prescriptions can come in various forms which permits flexibility for the individual consumer to take their prescription at their own convenience. 

  • A standard granule prescription; granules mixed and put into a high quality resealable foil bag. Simply dissolve the prescribed dosage in hot water and drink like tea.
  • Sachets, convenient for taking herbal medicine at work or on-the-go. 
  • Gelatin/ Vegan capsule (0.5 gram per capsule) 

Where to store the prescription?

We advise practitioners and patients to store the prescription in a dry and cool environment. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture exposure. Once opened, keep it in a dry and sealed condition. As our granules are made with a food safe binder called maltodextrin, which is a sugar so granules can clump when exposed to moisture - much like coffee granules. 

What's the shelf life of my prescription?

It is recommended that granulated herbal medicine is consumed within 3 months of dispense date.

What is the returns policy on prescriptions?

Prescriptions are tailor made to each patient and therefore we do not accept returns or exchanges for these products. If you have made an error whilst placing a prescription order, please do not make payment and call (+44) 01245 350822 as soon as possible to cancel the order. Once payment has been made, we cannot issue a refund.

If a prescription has been incorrectly made, our customer service team will be more than happy to rectify this and issue a replacement. To report a prescription error, please email