Our Charity Work

As well as supplying quality and authentic Chinese medical supplies and offering educational courses, we also believe it’s important to give back to the community. Through fundraising and charity work, we aim is to help as many people as possible whether it’s supporting our local food bank or fundraising for charities within our industry. 

Our chosen charities are often related to the causes that we care about, including the provision of free acupuncture and protecting animals that have been inhumanely exploited for medicinal purposes.

We always blog about the charity work and fundraising that we do, read more about our corporate social responsibility here.


As we’re 100% against the supply of animal products for Chinese medicine, we’re pleased to be Supporting Animals Asia to help end the exploitation of animals for healthcare. In our campaign ‘Healing without Harm’, we are working to raise awareness for the charity and to promote herbal medicine. We have been using Instagram to promote our #SubstituteSaturday campaign to offer herbal alternatives to animal products, as well as writing blog posts to offer cruelty-free substitutes. We also now have leaflets, brochures and a collection tin which showcase at conferences and exhibitions - to help raise further awareness and money. 

Since 2018, we have been donating a portion of our profits to the cause and customers also have the opportunity to donate money to Animals Asia at the checkout when shopping with Phoenix Medical. We have also run charity raffles at trade shows to raise awareness for the bears.

The money we raise goes towards funding life-saving surgery for moon bears that have been cruelly exploited for their bile on farms. We also help to fund the development of new bear sancturies in Asia.

Join us in our journey to help end animal exploitation for medicine.


World Medicine is a charity which provides acupuncture to people suffering as a result of trauma, disasters and poverty. 2017 brought many acupuncturists together who selflessly volunteered to treat victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.Since then, we have been helping to provide the project with acupuncture needles and supplies needed to run the free clinic. We donated supplies such as acupuncture needles and clinical accessories to help supply over 50 volunteer acupuncturists with safe and effective materials to treat the victims. Since then, we continue to work with World Medicine to ensure volunteer acupuncturists have safe supplies to treat those in need. 


In addition to our main charities, we have also donated needles and supplies to charities which provide acupuncture services to those in need. 

We started working with the Leeds Cancer Care Centre in 2018. They offer a variety of services for people affected by cancer; including complementary treatments, hair loss support services and various health and well-being group activities. One of the treatments the centre offers is a 10-week course of Auricular Acupuncture, using the NADA protocol, to help those suffering from prostate cancer. The sessions can help with the common side effects of cancer treatment and to improve general well-being. To help with the free sessions providing by Leeds Cancer Centre, Phoenix donated 1,500 detox acupuncture needles and NADA five-point protocol posters to help the volunteer acupuncturists. We are continuing to work with the centre and hope to help many more practitioners and patients. 

Another organisation we are working with is Positive East Ear Acupuncture Clinic. Positive East has been at the forefront of HIV service and care for over 26 years, supporting people from the point of HIV diagnosis to longer-term care. Earlier this year, they introduced their first drop-in auricular acupuncture clinic. The clinic is being headed up by NADA practitioner Truus Jansen who is using the 5-point protocol to help treat those from suffering. To support the clinic, we donated detox acupuncture needles and ear seeds to allow the volunteers to treat the patients for free.