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Orange peel is considered aromatic with its therapeutic nature, warm temperature and spicy and slightly bitter in taste. The citrusy brightness and pungency of the fruit make it a natural mover and shaker of energy.

Orange fruit is the best source of Vitamin C, which is good for health and skin care as well. However, most of the benefits of orange are in its skin itself. The more aged the peel, the more potent its therapeutic energy.



- Great source of Vitamin C

- Can assist with anti-ageing 

- May be used as a hair mask, mosquito repellent or hangover cure 

- Can help treat mental health disorders 

- May assist with calming the nervous system to help sleep quality 

- Can help the stomach and spleen 

- May assist with stagnation, nausea, vomiting, mucus, diarrhoea and bloating 

- Can aid accumulation of phlegm in the stomach which can affect fatigue and low appetite 

- May help treat wheezing, whooping cough and a tight chest 


Odd Uses for Orange Peel

There are many weird and wonderful ways to use orange peel. Our top 3 uses are:

1. Orange peel is considered as a boon for face and skin care as it may help cure blackheads, dead cells, acne, blemishes, dark circles and brighten your face. It can also be applied with milk or curd for an extra glow or to remove fake tan. Why not try rubbing your nails with peel for extra shine? It also assists with dandruff. Simply mix ground peel with water and leave overnight. Apply this to the hair. It also helps to condition and cleanse.

2. Got a hangover? Try Dried Orange Peel! Simply mix orange peel and salt in boiling water for 20 minutes. Drink it once it cools to help cure the hangover.

3. The peel is also effective against mosquitoes! Rub it over your body to prevent mosquito bites.


All Phoenix Medical dry authentic herbs are free of sulphur, herbicides and pesticides.

Citrus reticulate Blanco
Part Used:Peel
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